Barometer report


ACDF barometer report 2020

THE AFRICA CYBER Defense Forum 2020 which took place between 24th and 25th June 2020, brought together open-minded, creative, forward-thinking technology experts, entrepreneurs, and individuals at the frontline of information security, cyber defense technology, technology review, and business executives under the theme, A More Secure World, More Business Activity, and More Jobs.This involved intense conversations around the key thematic areas through sessions, panel discussions, innovative technology demos as well as Virtual cyberlympics competition making the conference one of its kind in the African continent.

The forum attracted speakers and participants from Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. This report is a summary of the key highlights of the different thoughts and insights from industry experts in a wide range of areas ranging from national security, Africa threat landscape in the eyes of Interpol, risk management, cybersecurity and governance, data protection and privacy in the digital economy among others.The report occupies a strategic position in the Forum, as it not only consolidates the different insights, but also acts as a source of knowledge for the technology industry in Africa and helps shape the policy of the African region.

It is shared annually with the different stakeholders and forum participants and this helps to keep the conversation ongoing on what are the necessary measures and recommendations as well as takeaways that can be explored by the Africa policymakers to help pass better policies that encapsulate the voice of the African citizens as far as data protection, safer technology, and privacy among other issues of societal importance are concerned.