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WEBINARSafeguarding CyberspaceUnpacking Digital Forensics and Incident Response in Africa

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Monday 17 July 2023

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10:00am – 11:00am EST


This webinar is a comprehensive 1-hour session that focuses on the vital role of digital forensics and incident response in ensuring the security and protection of cyberspace across the African continent.

The webinar brings together leading experts, battle-tested professionals, and stakeholders in cybersecurity to discuss the techniques and tactics to develop robust digital forensics capabilities and establishing effective incident response strategies.

The webinar then delves into the key concepts and methodologies of digital forensics, explaining how it plays a crucial role in identifying, analyzing, and gathering evidence related to cyber incidents.

Giles Otomewo, a Digital Forensic, Incident Response, and Information Technology Professional and Tunji Adefehinti, a Cybersecurity Digital Forensic Investigator and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CPE) will share insights into the latest tools, techniques, and best practices employed in digital forensics investigations, with a specific focus on their applicability within an African context

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Giles Otomewo

Giles Otomewo

Incident Response Lead – Digital Forensics & Cyber Investigations

Giles is a Digital Forensic, Incident Response, and Information Technology Professional with over 20 years of experience in Mining, Professional Services, and Law Enforcement. He holds NATO Secret Security Clearance and has previously worked with the City of London Police and Rio Tinto providing Cyber Security consultancy, eDiscovery, Incident Response support, and conducting expert witness defence case analysis.

Giles has led investigations into offenses such as fraud, theft, terrorism, murder, and computer misuse. He has provided Cyber Security consultancy and Incident Response support to clients and worked with legal counsel and regulators, providing updates and reports on investigations in the UK and overseas.

Giles has a successful project management track record with an experienced understanding of regulatory, data privacy, and intellectual property issues. Giles possesses strong leadership skills, including coaching, managing, and developing staff.

Tunji Adefehinti

Tunji Adefehinti

Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) Engineer

Tunji Adefehinti

As a Cybersecurity Digital Forensic Investigator and a Certified Fraud Examiner, Tunji has over 10 years of professional work experience on a wide variety of cases and building digital forensic programs from the ground up. His DFIR work experience with world leading technology companies, gaming industries, and the financial sector brings a wealth of knowledge and techniques to uncover the unknowns of an incident.

Cases ranging from attacks from advanced nation state threats, insider threats, uncovering fraudulent events, and emerging Zero Day vulnerabilities just to name a few.

Cyber threats are not focused on just a select few countries, they are opened to individuals or corporations across the world with weak defenses and poorly training personnel incapable of protecting or responding to an attack.