PRESS RELEASE Africa Cyber Defense Forum Partners with CISO ForumNairobi, May 27, 2024

Today, The AFRICA CYBER DEFENSE Forum is pleased to announce we have entered into a strategic partnership with CISO FORUM, a professional community comprised of Security leaders, working both in the Public and Private sectors in EMEA Region.

The need for collaboration between global stakeholders to build a resilient Global Cyberspace has become more relevant now than ever. This in turn will need a concerted effort of working together, sharing information, and investing to help thwart the threat of cybercrime through global communities and partnerships.

Africa Cyber Defense Forum continues to champion strategic and leading roles through its programs to spotlight Africa and other continents through strategic partnership programs regionally, continentally, Intercontinental, and Globally on cybersecurity, and Defense to enhance voices from all over the world.

“Partnering with CISO Forum to deliver transformative programs to our audience will not only allow us to provide the very best technology business programs and portfolio strategies on which we’ll conceive, design, and build the next generation of transformative content, digital products, and platforms but also expose our audiences to global opportunities to learn and connect with peers and experts,” said Gilbert Nyandeje, Founder and CEO, Africa Cyber Defense Forum.

“The CISO Forum – Africa Cyber Defense Forum partnership is a powerful combination. An organizational and team commitment by working as one team. We intend to unlock the full potential of digital transformations, to place both communities on the path of international standards and best practices as a Roadmap to success. This will not only improvise the Cyber Hygiene overall but also enhance the Cyber Index of Nationals by addressing the emerging challenges brought by the drastically changing Cyber landscape on a global scale.” Abdus Saboor, Co-Founder, CISO Forum.

This partnership is for innovative companies keen on the issues of Cyberthreats, cyber threat solutions, or being ahead of the industry trends, but most importantly, the place to make the impression deals in the major African and EMEA technology market.

About Africa Cyber Defense Forum

THE AFRICA CYBER Defense Forum is a continental platform for public-private cooperation.

The forum through its well-curated and world-class content, engages top-level government, Technology experts, business leaders, and other leaders of society to shape the continental, regional, and industry agendas in African cyberspace.

Our activities are anchored in our passionate pursuit of better and safer technology and we are seeking to shape the future of information security, cyber defense, and cybersecurity through progressive and inspiring conversations in technology and offering thought leadership to both governments, society, and the private sector.

We believe that technology has the potential to bring transformative change in the continent and society, but we must ensure that it is equally secure. This is why by bringing together experts from all walks of life in a business conscious platform we can make a positive change in our society.

About CISO Forum

CISO Forum ( | is a professional community comprised of Security leaders, working in Public and Private sectors, throughout the industries mentoring ahead to make the Nation a safe place to digitally exist. This is the best place for you if you are looking to keep abreast of the latest happenings with regards to Information Security/Cybersecurity and are curious to know how these leaders are mitigating to keep the Enterprises secure.

We are a community of enthusiastic Security leaders and industry seasoned professionals that are enablers of modern Enterprises.

Join us in this growing initiative and making it a success. #CISOForum


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