Kevin Mutiso

SpecialityCEO Alternative Circle

I eat, sleep, dream, play FINTECH and Entrepreneurship.

I co-founded Alternative Circle to build SHIKA APP a platform for micro-entrepreneurs to create a competitive edge by building their credit scores, get the latest news and enable them to make more money by providing relevant digital financial services and market place information in conjunction with regulated financial institutions.

SHIKA APP is an entrepreneur’s lifestyle APP that will rival Tencents WeChat in product offering, customer base and value created.

SHIKA APP Built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

We are currently looking for a Banking partner.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 12 years as I have worked as an Investment Manager where I sourced, invested and sold assets on behalf of my clients. I then ran a micro-finance for over 5 years and then found my passion in building tech platforms by co-founding Alternative Circle.

I am a positive sum player only #WinWin #Excellence #Quality #PayItForward

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